GameProFamily has the SimCity BuildIt Generator and Hack Tool

When it comes to hacking SimCity BuildIt many people don’t know whether it is possible or if it is really working. For sure is EA wants you to spend an enormous amount of money just to have Simoleon and SimCash on your iOS or Android account. Today we are looking for alternative ways to get these items for free.

SimCity BuildIt Hack

Simoleon and SimCash are extremely important in the game SimCity BuildIt. At the moment this game is one of the most popular games on the app store. Too bad it is more a “pay-to-win” game than a free game. It really matters how much money you have and where you come from. People with lots of money will have it much easier to get lots of simoleons and simcash on their account. They can simply buy them from the store. Everyone who ever played this game will know how essential a huge amount of items is to be successful. Of course there are free ways on how to get them, but it will take lots of time and mostly they are very ineffective. Cheats for SimCity BuildIt doesn’t really exist, since they are also too time-consuming for the gamer. Nobody wants to spend many hours per day just to get a specific amount of items.

simcity buildit hack tool

The perfect alternative is the SimCity BuildIt Hack and Generator on Gameprofamily. You can simply get as much free simoleons and simcash as you want within a few minutes. Whenever it is needed or wherever you are you will be able to generate free simoleon and simcash for your iOS and Android account. The whole process from the start to the end only takes a few minutes. No special skills are required to use this cheat engine. Simply use it and start to generate free items. There has never ever been an easier way for a normal gamer to get items in such an easy way.


All around the internet you will find proves, screenshots and videos of how people are hacking SimCity BuildIt on their smartphone and tablet. What has been a secret for many months is now pretty normal for every ambitious gamer.

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